About Us

Welcome to Precious Pearls Preschool. My name is Renu Singh and I have taught preschoolers for four years at one of the best private preschools of the bay area. I have a Masters degree in Child Development.  I started my daycare in 2012.  My daycare is licensed therefore meets all state stipulated safety norms. 

This is my sixth year of running my preschool.  My little graduates do really well, academically and socially, in kindergarten.  Most of my graduates can read simple books, do mental math, count money, tell time, and know why camels live in a dessert and not the Tundras.  My aim is to create curious minds who want to explore- "how and why nature works the way it does."


I welcome children from three years to five years (fully potty trained). I provide a safe, supportive and fun learning environment for children. Children will enjoy fun activities like arts & crafts, puzzles, reading, and role-playing among many other things. I plan fun phonics and math activities for kids. I believe children learn best through play and practical exploration.

I offer morning and afternoon preschool programs. My aim is to offer age-appropriate learning to the young creative minds.  I offer a snack to the children which generally includes fruits/vegetables and crackers on the side.