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"I admit, my Son is difficult to work with, but my wife and I realize the importance of a good foundation. Ms. Renu worked very patiently with my son. And by then end of six months we saw a very significant improvement in reading, writing and behavioral skills in my son. Big thanks to Ms. Renu, we feel strongly that he will do very well in kindergarten."- Ron D. - Parent 


 "My 4 year old started school with Ms.Renu a month ago and she already knows so much like vowels, planets, letter sounds WOW!!!!!!!! We are so pleased with Ms.Renu she is awesome and my daughter loves her!!! I would recommend this school to all my family and friends." Veronica- Parent


"Best home based preschool in the area!! My son is been attending this school and he loves it!! Very well planned daily activities,learning, crafts and kids get to play outdoors too. The thing I loved most is no packing snacks, preschool provides healthy and variety ofI snacks that kids love.  Best school to get your child ready for kindergarten !! Great job Ms. Renu !!" Nilima- Parent


"Ms. Renu and Ms. Alpana, are very caring and loving towards children. My daughter loves going to school daily. It's a great learning place. Ms. Renu listens if we have any concerns and works to her best to improve the situation. My daughter loves to chat with Ms. Renu. I would definitely recommend to everyone to join this preschool." Shilpa- Parent

"When I moved to Pleasanton, I was looking for a preschool for my daughter. Someone told me about Precious Pearls and I visited Renu. My daughter who is shy and not so open, instantly connected with her. I also spoke to Renu that I am worried about my daughter's kindergarten readiness. She assured me that she will do her best and needless to say my lil one was more than ready for kindergarten in just 4 months. It was only because of Renu's persistence and her great curriculum.Renu you are THE BEST! I couldn't have asked for anything better for my daughter." Alpana- Parent and Co-teacher"We are so glad that our son went to Renu's school, helped him in many ways." Sash- Parent

"Renu does an awesome job with the kids. She played a huge role to help my son get started with his academic career." Arni Dasgupta- Parent

"It's the best preschool ever!!! Love miss Renu.. She's warm, kind and the kids adore her!!!" Sonia V.- Parent

"I feel so lucky that we found this pre-school for Armaan. He really needed that 1:1 small school environment to thrive, which he has. Academically and emotionally he is beyond ready for kindergarten and that's all due to Ms.Renu for her dedication." Supreet P.- Parent

My son has a lot of allergies and so I am always concerned about an allergic reaction. Renu and Alpana took care of him and his allergies just like I would, if not better. I felt very comfortable leaving him in their care on all aspects." Happy- Parent

"Great learning place for curious little minds. Absolutely great experience for my preschooler. My son really enjoyed the curriculum and has benefited a lot. We enjoyed the friendly and caring teachers who encouraged the kids. My recommendation for every kid." Sulo- Parent

"Excellent environment for the kids to learn and grow! The teachers are caring and are dedicated in making a bright future for the little ones." Sumrana- Parent

"My (5 and half years old) daughter finished two years of her preschool with Renu and Alpana this summer and she has enjoyed every day of it. These were also two stress-free years for me as I knew that my daughter was in good hands. Because of the confidence they have instilled in her, she is eagerly looking forward to kindergarten. Both the teachers focus on the overall growth of kids. In two years, I have seen many kids in their classes, blossoming- from being shy n not open to mixing up easily to confident and eager to reach out. I wish them good luck for their future endeavours." Rupinder- Parent


"Excellent teacher, my 4 yr old daughter loves her lot and learned a great deal from her. Miss Renu is very friendly,approachable and takes very good care of the children." Bhanu- Parent

"I’m so grateful we found Precious Pearls! It’s truly a one of a kind preschool with phenomenal teachers, a diverse curriculum, and a wonderfully nurturing environment. As a parent I really appreciated how Ms. Renu and Ms. Chetna take the time to get to know the children individually and how they deeply care not only for each student’s learning but also their thriving. Our son has graduated but still talks about Precious Pearls and how he misses his teachers and friends. Many, many thanks to Ms. Renu and Ms. Chetna for your invaluable impact on our son’s school journey! " Andrea - Parent

"This is our second year returning to Ms. Renu’s school. We’re very pleased with the education and care our son received at Precious Pearls. The school is in a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood overlooking a golf course. The teacher-to-student ratio is also great for children who need extra attention. We put our son in full day so he can learn and nap there as well. He’s happy going to school and that’s all a parent could ask for. A big thank you to Ms. Renu and Ms. Chetna." Nicole- Parent

"Precious Pearls is the best school for every kid. Each kid is offered attention and learning as per their capability. After learning at Precious Pearls, kids are almost done with more than half of kindergarten. My kid enjoyed school every day and looked forward to next day of school." Sravanthi- Parent

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